Foot Problem

Most shoes are so bad for your feet, they are the very cause of deformities like bunions and hammer toes. Having danced on pointe shoes as a professional ballet dancer for over two decades, it has taken me several years of intense research and practice to get the own damaged feet back to near-normal again. The findings are worth sharing with anyone who suffers from damaged feet.

Side Effects of Shoes

Like ballet pointe shoes or Chinese foot binding, high heels and many other shoes can seriously deform your feet. Some shoes should carry a government health warning. A good posture cannot be achieved unless the base, the feet and ankles are strong and healthy. The type of shoes you wear directly affects the health of your feet. When the foundation of your body (your feet) is crumbling, the entire building (your whole body) crumbles and eventually collapses.

The original function of shoes is to protect the feet from rough ground and weather. The bigger and broader your base, the stronger and more grounded and balanced your stance will be. If your toes are squashed together and not allowed to spread out as they are designed to do for maximum balance, then the weight of your body is being shifted backwards mostly onto the heels in tight, narrow flat shoes. In high heels, the weight is shifted on the forefoot. In both cases, ill-fitting shoes not only cause permanent damage to the feet, they also make you prone to being very easily pushed over when you are are standing or walking. Don't be a push-over!

Deformities Caused by Shoes

1. Hammertoe: contraction / bending of a toe through lack of space in a shoe. 

2. Bunion:  sideways deviation of the big toe from wearing narrow shoes.

3. Morton’s neuroma: a thickening of tissue around a nerve between the 3rd and 4th toes which can cause pain.

Certain shoes not only create problems for the feet, but also for the back, resulting in poor posture.

So many people suffer through their pain without knowing the true cause, and millions of guilty shoes get away scot-free.

If you are worried about your shoes causing foot, back and posture problems, keep reading to learn about how to rectify the situation, and walk easy once again.

Foot Pain

The natural positioning of the foot needs two things, to stay in that natural position and to be cushioned with support. High heels are one of the biggest causes of foot pain due to the fact that they force the foot forward into an unnatural position, putting all the force on the forefoot.

Things like flip-flops or flats may seem like they would not cause pain, but due to their extreme lack of arch support, they can cause just as much pain as heels.

Flip-flops also rely on the toes to keep the shoe on, which causes the arch of the foot to not be able to flex as it should. The best way to reduce the risk of foot pain is to buy quality sneakers that offer proper arch support and allow the foot to move as it would naturally.

Inserts can also be used for shoes that lack support on their own and heels should be kept to a minimum.

Back Pain

Everything in the body is connected, so that means that when something puts stress on the feet, that stress can travel to other areas—including the back.

Wearing heels, for instance, puts a lot of stress on the calves, which eventually travels to the knees and, if heels are worn on a regular basis, it will eventually travel to the spine.

Heels put the feet in a position that requires the knees to bend and the back to arch in an unnatural position.

According to professionals at The Foot Clinic who specialize in foot care in Toronto, feet are the foundation of the body and if they are forced in awkward positions, then the entire structure suffers.

Again, shoes with proper support or shoes with inserts that allow the feet to be in their natural position will reduce the risk of back pain.

Poor Posture

Again, wearing heeled shoes forces the back to arch in an unnatural position. In order to compensate for that discomfort, individuals often unknowingly lean forward while sitting or standing.

Another reason shoes with either too much or too little arch support can cause poor posture is because the shoes change the body’s center of gravity—which makes the back naturally slouch down to try to balance the body back out.

Since wearing non-supportive shoes puts so much stress on the calves, people often have to bend down to try and relieve that pain, thus forcing the back to a curved position.


The jury is in and millions of shoes have been found guilty of not offering support for their owners and ruining countless feet, ankles, legs and backs. In order to put an end to their crimes, it is time to purchase the innocent and give the body’s joints a well-deserved break.

Look for shoes with proper arch support, and depending on the shape of your foot, you might need special inserts. Many inserts can be purchased at your local grocery store, but you might need to consult with your doctor if your foot pain continues.