Foot health practitioners Course Descriptions

Our foot health practitioner program integrates theory, cutting edge clinical courses and medical ethics training to prepare you for your new role as a foot health professional.

The knowledge and skills acquired during theoretical studies are consolidated in practical training which is held at the college and well-equipped Dr. Foot clinics. In addition, we have close links with several major teaching hospital (and diabetes centers) so our students have numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience at some of the most advanced medical centers. This close liaison with clinical colleagues enriches our research and training.

About the Foot Health Practitioner Profession

Here's where you come in. Though there may be little wrong with their feet, circumstances may prevent people looking after them. Arthritis, painful hip joints or stiff knees may put their feet out of reach or prevent use of scissors or nippers. However, others do have problems with their feet, from corns, calluses, verrucae, flat-foot and bunions, to nail conditions and structural defects, many of which can be treated without surgery or medical intervention. Some people just enjoy being pampered or are concerned with maintaining their bodies in optimum condition. All of these people need the help of a Foot Health Practitioner: a professional trained to deliver care and advice either in a private surgery or in the home.

What does a Foot Health Practitioner actually do?

Foot Health Practitioners care for and treat people’s feet. Stonebridge Associated College’s Foot Health Practitioner course gives you the opportunity to set up your own practice or you could choose to work for another practice. Working for yourself lets you change your working life to fit in with your needs. Great enjoyment and satisfaction can be gained from caring for others. The history of the medical profession stands testament to this. The Foot Health Practitioner Course covers the whole field of Foot Health, from leg and foot anatomy to materia medica’, from dressings to autoclaves.