Gait analysis

 This is a part time course that will require you to be working as a Registered Healthcare Professional or as part of a team delivering gait analysis.

As clinical practice involving physical therapeutic procedures has progressed, those patients seeking advice on issues relating to complaints of a biomechanical nature have increased.

Furthermore, increased recreational and professional sporting activities require a practitioner skilled in clinical biomechanics. Even the treatment of traditional musculoskeletal problems benefit from knowledge of possible underlying origins of these problems.

This courses is delivered by practicing clinicians which enables the students to get up-to-date knowledge.

This award represent an innovative and unique approach to postgraduate study and allows you to enhance your Gait Analysis practice skills.

They offer an opportunity to study for postgraduate qualification while working as a full time practitioner.

Applicants will normally: 

  • Possess an honours degree of class (2:1) or above (awarded by a United Kingdom university) or equivalent 
  • Candidates who posses Diplomas in a related field will be considered depending on their clinical experience 
  • Should have a HCPC registration or equivalent or other professional qualification 
  • Have a minimum of one year working professional experience in related areas 
  • Most students are already working as full-time health care practitioners