Book Library: Biomechanical Evaluation of Movement In Sport And Exercise
Title:      Biomechanical Evaluation of Movement In Sport And Exercise
Categories:      BioMechanics
BookID:      7
Authors:      Roger M. Bartlett
ISBN-10(13):      0-203-93575-6
Publisher:      Routledge
Publication date:      2008
Edition:      second
Number of pages:      233
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Language:      English
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Biomechanical Evaluation of Movement in Sport and Exercise offers a comprehensive
and practical sourcebook for students, researchers and practitioners
involved in the quantitative evaluation of human movement in sport and
This unique text sets out the key theories underlying biomechanical evaluation,
and explores the wide range of biomechanics laboratory equipment and
software that is now available. Advice concerning the most appropriate
selection of equipment for different types of analysis, as well as how to use
the equipment most effectively, is also offered.
The book includes coverage of:
• Measurement in the laboratory and in the field
• Motion analysis using video and on-line systems
• Measurement of force and pressure
• Measurement of muscle strength using isokinetic dynamometry
• Electromyography
• Computer simulation and modelling of human movement
• Data processing and data smoothing
• Research methodologies