Book Library: Fundamentals of Biomechanics
Title:      Fundamentals of Biomechanics
Categories:      BioMechanics
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Authors:      Duane Knudson
ISBN-10(13):      978-0-387-49311
Publisher:      Springer
Publication date:      2007
Edition:      second
Number of pages:      343
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Language:      English
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This book is written for students taking the introductory biomechanics course in Kinesiology/HPERD. The book is designed for majors preparing for all kinds of human movement professions and therefore uses a wide variety of movement examples to il-lustrate the application of biomechanics. While this approach to the application of biomechanics is critical, it is also important that students be introduced to the scientific support or lack of support for these qualitative judgments. Throughout the text extensive citations are provided to support the principles developed and give students references for further study. Algebraic level mathematics is used to teach mechanical concepts. The focus of the mathematical examples is to understand the mechanical variables and to highlight the relationship between various biomechanical variables, rather than to solve quantitative biomechanical word problems. It is obvious from research in physics instruction that solving quantitative word problems does not in-crease the conceptual understanding of important mechanical laws.