Book Library: Introduction to Sports Biomechanics
Title:      Introduction to Sports Biomechanics
Categories:      BioMechanics
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Authors:      Roger Bartlett
ISBN-10(13):      0- 2 0 3- 4 6202 -5
Publisher:      Routledge
Publication date:      2007
Edition:      second
Number of pages:      315
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Language:      English
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Introduction to Sports Biomechanics: Analysing Human Movement Patterns provides a genuinely accessible and comprehensive guide to all of the biomechanics topics covered in an undergraduate sports and exercise science degree. Now revised and in its second edition, Introduction to Sports Biomechanics is colour illustrated and full of visual aids to support the text. Every chapter contains cross-references to key terms and definitions from that chapter, learning objectives and sum-maries, study tasks to confirm and extend your understanding, and suggestions to further your reading. Highly structured and with many student-friendly features, the text covers:
• Movement Patterns – Exploring the Essence and Purpose of Movement Analysis
Qualitative Analysis of Sports Movements
Movement Patterns and the Geometry of Motion
Quantitative Measurement and Analysis of Movement
Forces and Torques – Causes of Movement
The Human Body and the Anatomy of Movement