Book Library: Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles
Title:      Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles
Categories:      BioMechanics
BookID:      11
Authors:      Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky Boris Prilutsky
ISBN-10(13):      0-7360-8020-1
Publisher:      Human Kinetics
Publication date:      2012
Number of pages:      536
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Language:      English
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Skeletal muscles are biological motors that exert force and produce mechanical work. When considered together with the tendons, muscles also act as force transmitters and shock absorbers. There are numerous other, less obvious muscle functions. For instance, muscles produce heat and assist in thermoregulation. Muscle receptors contribute to the kinesthesia, the sense of one’s body posture and mechanical state. This book concen-trates, however, solely on muscles’ biomechanical functions. Its scope is from sarcomere to human motion. Molecular mechanisms of muscle force generation are not covered, as there already exist many excellent books on this subject.