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Title:      Nonsurgical Sports Medicine
Categories:      Sport Medicine
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Authors:      James L. McGuire, M.D. , Michael F. Dillingham, M.D. , N. Nichole Barry, M.D.
ISBN-10(13):      0-8018-6894-7
Publication date:      2002
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      349
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The field of nonoperative sports medicine has reached proportions un-imaginable just a decade ago. Impressive orthopedic achievements in the correct diagnosis of injury and in operative interventions have vastly improved outcomes for injured athletes. These orthopedic ad-vances have been paralleled by an expansion of the whole field of clin-ical medicine in general, resulting in a health promotion movement that encourages regular lifelong exercise for everyone.

Certain advances in sports medicine have produced therapies that permit a rapid return to the previous level of play in the same season, especially for the elite or Olympic athlete. These impressive advances reflect the ability to diagnose more accurately, to intervene early when appropriate, and to rehabilitate the athlete through intensive, individu-alized programs. The result may be high-quality but costly care, directly affecting the approach to sports medicine for all levels of athletes, not just the elite or Olympic athlete. A compromised approach to the issues of acute and overuse injuries has developed that reflects the constraints of a cost-controlled health care environment. Nevertheless, early and accurate diagnosis that results in appropriate therapy and better out-comes is critically important for the athlete’s overall health.