Book Library: Awareness Through Movement
Title:      Awareness Through Movement
Categories:      Sport Medicine
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Authors:      Moshe Feldenkrais
ISBN-10(13):      0140464204
Publisher:      Penguin Handbooks
Publication date:      1987
Number of pages:      186
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Modern knowledge and techniques in the fields of education and psychology have already enabled Professor B. F. Skinner, the Harvard psychologist, to demonstrate methods for the production of individuals who are "satisfied, capable, educated, happy, and creative." This is also, in effect, the aim of education, even though it is not expressly so stated. Skinner is certainly right about the effectiveness of these methods, and there is little doubt that in time we shall be able to develop units in the form of man that are educated, organized, satisfied, and happy; if we use all our knowledge in the field of biological inheritance, we may even succeed in producing several different types of such units to satisfy all the needs of society.