Book Library: ABC Of Sports And Exercise Medicine
Title:      ABC Of Sports And Exercise Medicine
Categories:      Sport Medicine
BookID:      2
Authors:      Gregory P Whyte Mark Harries Clyde Williams
ISBN-10(13):      978 0 7279 1813 0
Publisher:      Blackwell
Publication date:      2005
Edition:      Third
Number of pages:      134
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Language:      English
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Rating:      6.5 
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Sports injuries are best treated in specialised sports injury clinics by doctors with specialist recognition. Until this target is

achieved, accident and emergency departments will do the best they can, aided by this book as a guide and friend.

Sport for all should go hand in hand with sports medicine. Sports injuries must be better treated in future. Moreover, the lessons

learnt from a skilled and dedicated service will become part of better treatment of other injuries sustained in the community.

There is no clearer, more compact, comprehensive, authoritative manual of sports and exercise medicine. I congratulate the

editors, contributors, illustrators, and publishers on a fine achievement. No doctor, physiotherapist, or coach should be without it.